Have you at any point felt frustrated when endeavor to search for some data on Google? Pages of important websites yet none can satisfy your desire? Have you at any point felt that your articles are less persuasive without data support?

Fascinating Big Data Sources for Data Visualization

General Big Data

World Health Organization – World Health Organization, offers big data and analysis on global health priorities, similar to world craving, health, and disease

Fascinating Big Data Sources for Data Visualization


The Broad Institute – The Wide Institute offers various big data sets in science and medicine.

Amazon Web Service – Amazon Web Service is a cross-science cloud-based big data stage concerning Chemistry, Science, Economy, et cetera. It is also an endeavor to assemble the most comprehensive database of human hereditary data and NASA’s database of satellite symbolism of Earth.

Figshare – Figshare is a stage for sharing research results. In here, you would have the capacity to see some astounding findings from stunning individuals around the world.

UCLA – Sometimes UCLA shares some of their findings in research papers.

UCI Machine Learning Repository – This website currently maintains 394 big data sets as a service to the machine learning community

Github – Some cool guys assembled the GitHub community, sharing a pack of impressive datasets. Presently the data inside is offered by everybody and offered to everybody.

Pew Research Center – Seat Research Center offers its raw big data from its fascinating research into American life.

Government Big Data – is the home of the U.S. government’s open big data. You could discover data, tools, and resources here to direct research, data visualization, and so forth.

US Census Department – US Census Agency is an abundance of data on the lives of US citizens covering populace data, geographic big data and instruction.

Open Data Network – Open Data Network is an easy-searching website for you to discover government-related data, with decent data visualization tools, worked in.

European Union Open data entry – The European Union Open big Data is for accessing a developing scope of data from European Union Institution.

Canada Open Data – Canada Open Data enables you to get fast, easy access to the government of Canada’s most requested services and data.

Open Government Data – This website provides visitors with extraordinary open government data from US, EU, Canada, CKAN, and that’s just the beginning.

The CIA World Factbook – The World Factbook provides big data on the history, individuals, government, economy, topography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. – is the big data from the UK Government, including the British National List of sources – metadata on all UK books and publications since 1950.

Health – Health Data Gov is devoted to making high esteem health big data more accessible to entrepreneurs, researchers, and arrangement makers in the light for better health outcomes for everyone. It also has over 125 years of United States healthcare big data (data) including claim-level Medicare data (big data), the study of disease transmission and populace statistics.

UNICEF – Unicef offers statistics and reports on the situation of youngsters worldwide.

National Climatic Data Center – National Climatic Data Center is a tremendous gathering of natural, meteorological and atmosphere data sets from the US National Climatic Big Data Center. The world’s largest chronicle of climate data.


Google open big data includes data from world development indicators, OECD, and human development indicators, mostly identified with economic data and the world.

Google Trends – Statistics on search volume (as an extent of aggregate search) for any given term, since 2004.

Google Finance – 40 years of stock market big data, refreshed in real time.

Market Data

  • E-commerce / Internet business Platforms


Ebay – Two of the most significant Internet business platforms in U.S., listing tons of products for customers. In the in the interim, offers item data for marketers and researchers for analyses.

Yelp – Numerous restaurants are listed on this website, customers do reviews about restaurants, and these reviews can enable different customers to choose which restaurants to want to feast in. Also, restaurant data and customer reviews are to a high degree significant for an advertiser to study.

Yellowpages – Yellowpages is a big brand even before we entered the Internet period. The website offers business data.

Cars – This website provides car data, both used cars, and new cars. Also including the proprietor’s reaching information.

  • Real Estate

Real Estate



On these three websites, you can see lists of houses and apartments that are for lease and others for sale; you will also find extremely comprehensive housing information offers.

  • Travel

Trip Advisor – A stage for customers to survey awesome hotels around the globe. It allows visitors to locate the best hotels for excursion through reviews, and these reviews are exceptionally commendable studying in case you’re in inn industry.

  • Enlisting, Work Place

Glassdoor – An enlisting website, listing thousands of empty positions. Data removed can be used for work cost studying.

Linkedin – The best social media for formal imparting. Thousands of users are registered, and the profiles of the users are very persuading and real. Exceptionally useful for individuals attempt to discover work, or get some sales leads.

Indeed – Stats about jobs and compensation

Payscale – Stats about jobs and compensation



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