Data mining

In agriculture crop price analysis, Data mining is developing as a vital research field. In this paper, we will discuss the applications and techniques of Data mining in agriculture. There are various data mining techniques such as K-Means, K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Support Vector Machines (SVM) which are used for extremely late applications of Data Mining techniques.

This paper will consider the issue of price forecast of crops. Price Forecast, nowadays, has turned out to be an essential agricultural issue which is to be solved just based on the accessible data. Data Mining techniques can be used to solve this issue. This work is based on finding suitable data models that help in accomplishing high precision and all-inclusive statement for price forecast. For solving this problem, distinctive Data Mining techniques were assessed on various datasets.

Big Data

With the universal accessibility of good related data such as insurance claims, discharge abstracts, electronic wellbeing records, personal fitness devices or cell phone applications, the measure of wellbeing data is increasing in size, yet also in speed and multifaceted nature. “Big data” provides new opportunities for nurse clinicians and researchers to enhance patient well-being, wellbeing services, and patient safety.

Following this phenomenal sum and intricacy of data accessible from various types of data sources, the processing and the analysis of big data challenges conventional systematic methods.

Thus, a scope of expository approaches such as content mining and machine learning frequently created in bioinformatics or engineering fields happen to highest importance to nurses needing to work with big data.

This section provides a concise review of the primary definitions and the logical approaches to big data. The section gives two nursing research examples with regards to patient involvement in cancer care and more seasoned individuals with dementia in nursing homes.

In the two cases the systematic approach (content mining and machine learning) is exceedingly incorporated into conventional research designs (a cross-sectional survey and a retrospective observational study), which highlights how common research designs turn out to be increasingly affected by scientific strategies from big data or data science.

Data Visualization

Data visualization tools can help the business visionary to present products on their website innovatively and educationally. Data visualization has been gotten by state and national government agencies to give supportive data to people in general.

Airlines exploit data visualization to be all the more obliging. Businesses utilize data visualization for following and announcing. Kids use data visualization tools on the home PC to satisfy research assignments or to satisfy their curiosity about extraordinary places of the world.

Wherever you go, data visualization will be there. Whatever you require, data visualization can present answers supportively.

Data Visualization is Comprehensive


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