Data mining is an essential piece of learning discovery process that we can break down an enormous set of data and get covered up and useful information.

Data mining is connected successfully in the business condition as well as in different fields such as climate forecast, pharmaceutical, transportation, healthcare, insurance, government… and so on.

Data mining has a considerable measure of advantages when utilizing it in a particular industry. Aside from those advantages, data mining also has its downsides or disadvantages, e.g., privacy, security, and misuse of data.

We will inspect those advantages and disadvantages of data mining in various industries in a more noteworthy detail.

Advantages of Data Mining


Data mining helps to promote companies manufacture models based on historical data to anticipate who will respond to the new showcasing campaigns such as post office based mail, web-based advertising effort… and so forth. Through the results, marketers will have a proper way to deal with selling gainful products to focused customers.

Data mining comes with significant benefits to retail companies similarly as promoting. Through market basket analysis, a store can have a fitting generation plan in a way that customers can purchase visit purchasing products together with pleasant. Moreover, it also helps the retail companies offer certain discounts for specific products that will pull in more customers.

Fund/Saving money

Data mining gives money related institutions data about advance data and credit details. By building a model from historical customer’s data, the bank, and budgetary institution can decide good and terrible loans. Moreover, data mining helps banks distinguish deceitful Mastercard transactions to secure Visa’s proprietor.


By applying data mining in operational engineering data, manufacturers can recognize the flawed hardware and decide ideal control parameters. For instance, semiconductor manufacturers have a test that even the conditions of assembling environments at various wafer creation plants are similar, the nature of wafer is a considerable measure the same and some for obscure reasons even has defects.

Data mining has been applying to decide the ranges of control parameters that prompt the generation of the brilliant wafer. At that point, those ideal control parameters are used to make wafers with desired quality.


Data mining helps government office by burrowing and dissecting records of the monetary transaction to assemble patterns that can distinguish tax evasion or criminal activities.

Disadvantages of data mining

Privacy Issues

The concerns about the personal privacy have been increasing enormously as of late especially when the internet is blasting with social networks, web-based business, forums, blogs….

Because of privacy issues, individuals fear their data is gathered and used in an untrustworthy way that is possibly causing them a considerable measure of troubles. Businesses gather data about their customers from numerous points of view for understanding their purchasing behaviors trends.

However businesses don’t last perpetually, some days they might be gained by other or gone. Right now, the personal data they claim most likely is sold to other or spill.

Security issues

Security is a big issue. Businesses claim data about their employees and customers including social security number, birthday, finance and so forth. However how appropriately this data is taken care is still in questions.

There has been a considerable measure of cases that hackers accessed and stole big data of customers from the big organization such as Portage Engine Credit Organization, Sony… with so much personal and budgetary data accessible, the Visa stole and wholesale fraud turn into a big issue.

Misuse of data/wrong data

Data is gathered through data mining planned for the moral purposes can be misused. This data might be misused by unscrupulous individuals or businesses to take benefits of defenseless individuals or discriminate against a gathering of individuals.

Also, data mining method is not flawlessly exact. Consequently, if mistaken data is used for decision-production, it will cause serious consequence.


Data mining brings a considerable measure of benefits to businesses, society, governments as well as the person. In any case, privacy, security, and misuse of data are the big problems on the off chance that they are not addressed and resolved appropriately.


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